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The hero optima e5 specifications is in the summit of the most robust and powerful of this year. One of the main features is its wide XL base for supporting your feet, where you will be dexterous to go no question pleasing during all your journey.

The new hero optima e5 specifications surpasses by far-off the previous models, as it is considerably lighter than the others and is a folding model, correspondingly you can take it or store it wherever you desire without taking in the works much space.

The driving modes of hero optima e5 specifications is so well known this year and are also present in the new model. To begin with we would have the economic mode, ideal for extend journeys as it allows you to save up battery and ride at a good speed to your destination.

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An urban hero electric scooter optima e5r with enough power to move around the neighborhood, climbing any slope without any problem. It’s the perfect electric device to drive around the city and on bicycle lanes.