EZIP 900

Best offer of the day in ezip 900.

This ezip 900 is in the summit of the most robust and powerful of this year. One of the main features is its wide XL base for supporting your feet, where you will be able to go extremely compliant during all your journey.

The design of the electric ezip 900 is much more suitable thanks to its platform that gives more space for us to move our feet, especially when we travel long distances.Its handlebars will be categorically easy to use by people of different heightezip 900

This ezip 900 is a guarantee of safety because its disc braking system and E-ABS has a reaction speed of only 3 seconds. This means that you can go from its maximum speed of 25 km/h to 0 km in 3 seconds.The ezip 900 has “regenerative” braking, putting the engine in backward when you lightly touch the brake handle. As you see another design thought of courteous mobility, very present in this year’s models.

The best offers in ezip 900

We are in front of one of the nicest electrik scooters of the current year without a doubt, a hard rival to beat, that will be a difficult opponent, since this brand knows how to do things very well and this scooter is one of the most complete that have been made until today.