Best offer of the day in ecoreco scooter s5.

This ecoreco scooter s5 is in the top of the most robust and powerful of this year. One of the main features is its wide XL base for supporting your feet, where you will be skilled to go very pleasant during all your journey.

The ecoreco scooter s5 is a solid, quality scooter made with good materials. Its weight, being one of the the lightest in its category, makes it unconditionally delightful to transport. In this sense, ecoreco scooter s5 replicates the design and materials of the previous one, extra a more unquestionable LED screen and a 45 km battery, more than sufficient autonomy.

The driving modes of ecoreco scooter s5 is so well known this year and are also present in the new model. To begin with we would have the economic mode, ideal for extend journeys as it allows you to save up battery and go at a good speed to your destination.

The best offers in ecoreco scooter s5

In conclusion, this is a very complete high range eco scooter, with many extra features and interesting accessories at a super balanced price, which makes it the perfect product, with a marked difference fthe other competing models.