Offers of the day in jetson electric mountain bike j2000 .

At present it is oficial, electric devices for on city movility are here to stay and they will have a long future in front. The jetson electric mountain bike j2000 will do the job perfectly for this porpouse, with its light weight, the e-bikes have become the best choice to move around the large cities of the world.

  • Constantautonomy
  • Top speed|Speed responsive|Fast moving|
  • Ergonomic and comfortable to drive
  • Simple to store
  • Easy to park
  • Fast and simple charging.
  • Automatic charging back system with the manual pedaling
  • Hybridsystem
  • Different pedaling resistant
  • Advanced braking structure
  • Very light and utterlyresistant skeleton
  • Although light it supports a fair amuont of weight
  • Best wheels and tyres for variuos types of terrain.

peculiarities, which you will not be able to resist to.

The perfect jetson electric mountain bike j2000 to move around.