Bicicleta plegable dahon eco 3

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This is the proper way to invest your money, and I can tell you millions of reason but the most importat are that a dahon eco3 folding bike will save you tons of money, improve your health, keep you away from everydays traffic, but also you will contribute to brush up the fresh air in your city, and save the world from the global warming.

  • Long Lastingautonomy
  • Top speed|Speed responsive|Fast moving|
  • Ergonomic and comfortable to manage
  • Simple to set aside
  • effortless to park
  • Fast and simple charging.
  • Automatic charging back system with the manual pedaling
  • Hybridsystem
  • Different pedaling firmness
  • Advanced braking system
  • Extra light and entirelyresistant skeleton
  • Although light it supports weight
  • Best wheels and tyres for different types of terrain.

Additionally the dahon eco3 folding bike can take you everywhere, thanks to its electric or manual system, which you can swap between depends on your needs in each moment of the trip. Its suitable to ride within the city, in the mountains and between towns on the road. Its most important advantage is the opportunity to park and store it quickly and easy, saving you plenty of time as well.

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