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How to store an electric scooter?

How to store electric scooter
How to store electric scooter

Cheap and economical electric scooters for sale in 2022.

Electric scooter for sale
Electric scooter for sale

Electric scooters are the new way of moving around the city center. This electric movility devices are the most comfortable, economic, eviromental friendly and quick method to get to and from your job, school, university or wherever you go on daily basics. Also is surprising how light and small they are. You can fold them and store them easily wherever you find a little space.

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LIVIA E SCOOTER one of the best scooters of the year.

Don’t search anymore, find the liviae electric scooter just here

The livia e scooter has determined sporting characteristics but is manufactured for use in the city. It has big tubeless wheels, a great autonomy, a maximum speed of 25 km/h, and a big electric motor that gives an unbelievable strength, it has the mass package to be considered the best electric scooter.

liviae electric scooter
liviae electric scooter

Best offer of the day in livia e scooters. Find yours in this online store.

The livia e scooter is a solid, quality scooter made of resistant materials. Its weight, being one of the the lightest in its category, makes it categorically suitable to transport. In this sense, livia e scooter replicates the design and materials of the previous one, adding up a more firm LED screen and a 45 km battery, more than tolerable autonomy.

This livia e scooter is a guarantee of safety because its disc braking system and E-ABS has a responsive speed of only 3 seconds. This means that you can go from its maximum speed of 25 km/h to 0 km in 3 seconds.The livia e scooter in addition has “regenerative” braking, putting the engine in reverse when you lightly touch the brake handle. As you see another design thought of comfortable mobility, very present in this year’s models.

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In conclusion, this is a very complete high range eco scooter, with many addded up features and interesting accessories at a fair balanced price, which makes it an attractive product, with a marked difference fthe other competing models.

Weped gt50e for sale

The weped gt50e for sale has clear sporting characteristics but is manufactured for use in the city. It has huge tubeless wheels, a great autonomy, a maximum speed of 25 km/h, and a big electric motor that gives an unbelievable strength, it has the combination package to be considered the best electric scooter.

Best offer of the day in weped gt50.

The weped gt50e for sale is a solid, quality scooter made with good materials. Its weight, being one of the the lightest in its category, makes it entirely comfortable to transport. In this sense, weped gt50 replicates the design and materials of the previous one, appendage a more perfect LED screen and a 45 km battery, more than plenty autonomy.

This beautiful model easily reached in four colors, white, black, blue and pink, could be considered mid-range, because both kids and youth people can use it, the latter being the ones who will be able to take full advantage of its wonderful features.

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An economic scooter to move around the neighborhood in a comfortable way and respecting the traffic rules. If your budget is tight, this is your electrik scooter. They are very easy to use, as they do not have remote control by external application, its use will be only a couple of buttons. If you have a low budget, and you want a basic electric vehicle for the city, this Basic model is perfectfor you.

How much does an electric scooter cost in 2022?

If you are looking for how much does an electric scooter cost UK or in USA this is the correct place to be but you must know something important, usually the maximun cost of an electric vehicles in 2022 does not come from the actual purchase electric scooter price, but from the maintenance.

What I mean is that a second hand car can cost you less that the petrol and insurrance for the first year, and thats why an electric vehicles ike this one is so suitable for nowadays life as you will save in petrol, insurrance, maintenance, etc.

On top of that we have chosen a cheap electric scooters for sale from a list of the best electric vehicles for sale, so you do not need to waste your time going around shops.

Cheapest electric scooter for adults

The price for one of this electric scooter for adults street legal or a foldable electric scooter with seat for adults could be between 100 and 1500 depends of the characteristics, althoug the most economic ones do not have anything to envy to the most expensive and usually are details that in the you will not notice for and normal use. I will leave you some examples, to see more details in terms of autonomy, battery, speed and materials just need to click on the pictures.

Best electric scooter for teenager

If now we compare the foldable electric scooter with seat for adults with an electric scooter with seat for kids, we will find that electric scooter prices are a little bit lower, between 70 and 1000, and even the most of the time the size is the same one, the handle is adaptable to the height of the person riding it.

Best electric scooter for teenager
electric scooter with seat for kids

How long does an electric scooter last

How long can an electric scooter last is an important question, and the asnwer is simple; electric scooters last enough to compensate the purchase, usually they tend to last 2 to 3 years or more.

Anyways after you shop for it online you will get a 90 days time since the day of delivery, to give it back in case of manufacturing defects.

Where to repair electric scooters

Every product including the electric scooters come with a guarrantee of several months or years so you do not need to worry about it, just contact the seller and he or she will be happy to tell you where to repair electric scooters and help you with that.

Fixing Electric scooter bike

Rules for riding electric scooter

Law on electric scooters is a very seriuos topic as not everywhere you have the same rules in regard to this E-scooter, but what is for sure is that so far you can ride an electric scooter with no license required.

In some places is fine to drive out of the road and some another locations it is ilegal to drive it if they can travel faster than certain speed.

Thats why the best you can do is properly check how this works in your country not to make a mistake which you can regret.

Electric Bicycle and Scooter Law in the USA

This is a pdf with the electric scooters and electric, and hybrid bikes regulation in the USA

In line with the electric scooter nyc law 2022, the electric scooter rules california and electric scooter laws florida allows a legal electric scooters to circulate to a maximum speed not exceeding 25 mph or 40km/h

Electric scooter laws las vegas is exactly the same as the electric scooter laws new york state and electric scooter laws texas, only roads, it will not be allow to circulate on the payments and speed will be limited to 25mph.

The same we can find for electric scooter laws quebec and and for electric scooter laws colorado, if more information is needed download the pdf file above.

Electric scooter regulation singapore

Electric scooter vancouver law


Electric scooter laws europe

electric scooter netherlands law

electric scooter ireland law

Electric scooter Dublin law says that speed will be limited to ……

electric scooters uk law change

Electric scooter regulations uk with people told to avoid public transport amid the coronavirus, the government has said that rental e-scooters will become legal on roads in Great Britain from 4 July. London have one of the most congestionated public transpor in the world, so with the aim to avoid coronavirus to spread this little electric vehicle have become the best option to solve the problem.


Electric scooters are now legal in Germany with several conditions and regulations. In Germany, it was forbidden to use them on public roads until 2019, but the country has recently released its first e-scooter regulation.

Spanish law on electric scooters

They can no longer be used on pavements and drivers can also be fined €500 for using their smartphones or riding under the influence of alcohol or any other drugs. The mΓ‘ximum speed for all roads is set at 25 km/h. E-scooter owners must have a circulation certificate provided by the manufacturer but they will not need a government registration number. There is no law in 2022 about if helmet usage is obligatory either.


Motorised personal movement devices are limits their permitted speed to 25kmh. They may normally only be used on cycling paths and city roads with a speed limit of 50kmh or less.

electric scooter rules italy

Electric scooters have finally been granted equal rights with bicycles in Italy, solving a huge problem regarding urban mobility. Scooters that move within the limits of power and speed, meaning with maximum power of 0.5 kW and within 20 km/H will be allow across the country

Electric scooter rules switzerland

And now finally they are officially allowed on Swiss bicycle roads. The technical requirements consist of passing brake-tests, namely of two individual brakes, as well as having rear and front lights. can be driven legally at maximum 20km/h on public roads.

Japan electric scooter laws

Under current Japanese lawselectric scooters, also known as escooters, must be used on roads and have license plates. And riders must have a motorcycle license

Electric scooter no license required

No license is required to ride an electric scooter if your scooter is within the range of power allowed in the country.

Can you ride a scooter on the road?

Electric vehicle of this characteristics must be ride on the road or bike lanes.

You can not be riding your electric scooter on the pavement for law, to avoid unecessary accidents.

Which electric scooter is best

This depends on your priorities, there are diferent kind of them and you need to choose accordangly to your necessities which electric scooter in the best electric scooter with seat for adults on the market.

The best electric scooter brands offers variaty of range, prices and differents characteristics.

Here I will leave you a seleccion of them, you can check more of its features in store page.

Best electric scooter for hills


Best electric scooter for heavy adults

Here the best electric scooter for big guys


Best electric scooter under $200


Best electric scooter helmet for adults

Best electric scooter deals


Best electric scooter under 1000

Fastest electric scooter in the world

I am also impress how fast do electric scooters go, I mean the fastest electric scooter 2022 is around the 50mph or 80km/h, and although this could sound excited, you need to take into account that actually they are no allow to circulate within the city as a general rule, above the 25km/h in Europe or 20mph in United States.

How long do electric scooter batteries last

On the other hand how long does an electric scooter battery charge last is actually really important and something to have in consideration when the time of buying any electric vehicle comes.

Imagine that you go to work one day and then you ride to the park, pass by the supermarket do some shopping and after you are invited for dinner and you have no chance in between to charge your electric friend.

If you have a busy life you will need definatelly a electric scooter with removable battery that last enough to combine with you life style.

Segway Ninebot Max G30


The Segway Ninebot Max G30 is a marvel in innovation. If you’re looking for a scooter that has cutting edge technology this one has self-healing tires integrated into its design. It also has a pretty impressive range of 40 miles or 65 Km on a single charge of just 6 hours of countinous ride, which is not bad at all, and for a very economic electric scooter price.

You can check the electric scooter prices on amazon of this one and more from the same brand just down here.

Razor electric scooter weight limit

The average in weight that this vehicles can hold is up to 220 Lb or 100Kg, although there are plenty of models that have a bigger capacity like the razor electric scooter with seat for adults

Qiewa qpower 3200 watts electric scooter

The most suitable to hold a great weight is the qiewa qpower 3200 watts electric scooter that holds 551 lb or 250 Kg

What electric scooter should I buy?

From GO-ELECTRIC we want to advise you what electric scooter to buy, if you want it to use the fastest electric scooter for adults for everydays life within the city and to give it a totally normal use, any of those cheap electric scooters for sale that we leave you here below will be more than enough. Just have to choose the model and color that you like the most and it is all yours.

Where to buy an electric scooter near me online?

Buy an electric scooter near me is not a problem when buying it online, is the best choice to get your best electric scooter with seat for adults, cause apart of be able to comparate different models, you will not spend time going to the shops to ask for them and get out dissapointed because they didnt have the one you like. Apart it will be deliver to your doorsptep which giev it a extra bit of comfort.

How does an electric scooter work?

E-scooters are really easy to use, the brake system is quiet similar to a bike brake system. To accelerate you just need to turn on the button and thatΒ΄s all. In this video you can see a demostration of how does an electric scooter work.

How does an electric scooter work

Can electric scooters be used manually?

Of course this E-Scooters are a little bit heavier than the normal ones, but still you can use an electric scooter manually and ride them as if they were manual, pushing with your feet, which will be a good excersise to keep you in fit shape.

Are electric scooters waterproof?

Electric Scooters are water resistant but not waterproof what means that you can drive them in a light rain without problems but you cannot go with them where are big puddles. In this case they will not survive to that amount of water, so do not risk if you want your favorourite transport to last longer than just 5 minutes.

Electric scooter waterproof
electric scooter waterproof cover

How to charge electric scooter at home?

This depends on the capacity of the electric scooter with removable battery, which give it a longer range, and as we said before, our reccomendation on this, is to go for the Segway Ninebot Max

Electric scooter battery price

Depends on the power of the electric scooter with removable battery we can be talking of a price between 15$ to 60$ in USA or between 13€ and 50€ in Europe.

electric scooter battery price
best electric scooter with removable battery

Electric scooter dangerous

An electric scooter can be dangerous, that’s why always remember that any object moving at the 15mph hour is capable of inflicting injuries or fatality during a collision.

Knowledge of general traffic law is necessary for any rider to understand safety precautions on the roads.

Electric scooter accidents statistics 2022

In 2019, more than 29,600 e-scooter riders were treated in U.S. emergency rooms, up from about 15,500 the year before, and e-scooter injuries nearly double in one year now in 2022

Electric scooter insurance

Although you do not need an electric scooter insurance in most of countries, you can still sign for one that allow you to have some things cover. For example if it gets broken and the guarrantee does not cover you in that case, or as a civil responsability, thus if you have an accident the insurrance will cover the damage to the other person instead of you.

The price of this insurrance are as cheap as 100$ up to 200$ if you want to go for the comprehensive coverage.

Can I take my electric scooter on a plane

The most of the companies doesnΒ΄t allow you to take the electric scooty on the plane for safety reasons, but you can, on the other hand, check it in and it will fly with the luggage.

Electric scooter made in china

Buy an electric scooter online in China is a normal thing and without any doubt the country with more of this electric scooters in the world. Electric scooter made in china are use in their cities but also export the mayority of this electric scooties sold worldwide, thus it is the country with more of those electric devices circulating on the street.

Best budget hybrid bikes 2022

Best budget hybrid bikes 2021
Best hybrid bikes 2022

Best cheap hybrid bikes are the new fashionable way to ride not just through the city but also through the mountains.

There are not 100% electric, this bikes are a mix so we can addres them as hybrid bikes. The hybrid bikes usa as quiet common nowa days and that is why we want you to go through the best budget hybrid bikes that we have choosen for the 2022.


Hybrid bicycles are basically electric bikes that also are suitable to ride as a normal bike, and helps the driver in the hard moments of the trip like in a hill, or if you are tired and need the automatic part of the bike to take over the task.

A nowadays mountain bike must be a hybrid bicycle as well, In order to comply with this, a hybrid electric bike needs to be provide with a system that allows the person riding it to take advantage of the electric part when is needed, in combination with enjoying the manual pedals. All this system must be protected and build in a way that the electric system do not result damage for mud, water or any pieces of terrain impacting against the mechanism.

Best hybrid bikes 2022

We are talking here about the Best cheap hybrid bikes to ride within the city. The best hybrid bike in 2022 you can find them here in our store.

Best hybrid bikes 2021
Best hybrid bikes 2022


If you already have a convencional bike and do not want to get rid of them, I have good news.

You can convert your old fashion way bike in a totally brand new hybrid electric bike with one of the conversion kit that are in the market. They are easy to install, so you can do it your self and it will cost you not more than an hour.


Always depends on how powerful it is, the more watts the more expensive, but also de model and the brand. They can be from 400$ up to 1000$ or from 300€ up to 800€.


We have research a little bit to save you time and we have come up with this two best electric bike conversion kit of this current year 2022. To know more details click in the one you have choosen.



The hybrid electric bike conversion kit comes with all the necessary pieces to transform you two wheels in an electric hybrid machine that will take you anywhere. Also you will find a how to install it instruction book and all the tools which you will need to get the task done quickly and clean.


Those two are consider the 2 best E-Bikes from 2022. Both have excellents autonomy and resistant. The first a little bit cheaper cannot be folded so its more difficult to store, althoug the price compensate. The second you will find that the price is a little bit higher but if you chec its characteristics you will find it quiet fair.

Are electric bikes dangerous ?

If you wonder how safe are electric bikes, the answer is that depends on the driver. Anyways there are certain rules and laws that you need to follow when riding your new hybrid bicycle.

are electric bikes dangerous

The most important one is wearing the helmet, cannot skip this obligatory complement that will protect you skull and brain from a possible damage in the case of an unlikely bike accident.

How do electric bikes work?

For those wondering how electric bike work, I will leave you a nice video explaining how easy is to use them and how the function.

How do electric bikes work

How to clean your bike at home

We will give you some tips on how to clean your bike at home and how to keep a proper electric bike maintenance

How to clean my bike in 7 minutes

Yes you can, just be careful as some high pressure washers are too powerful, so you need to choose the one that best suit you not to damage your bike’s paint.

There are many different ways how to clean the dirt off your bike, and here I would like to advice you the one that I use.

How to clean your bike at home
How to clean your bike at home

Best high pressure power washer

Best high pressure washer for bicycles

Use this bike pressure washer to take the dirt off your bike and to get a perfect cleaning without damaging the structure and outside of you electric bicycle.

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Electric vehicles.